Updated on 03/03/2020


Present on exhibition Foire de Paris 2020
From 04 to July 15, 2020



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Company details


Separable clothes with high added value
Since 2012 BY12 has been proposing a range of separable clothes which allows you to mix colours and prints as much as you want.
A unique concept
Thanks to a zip, the BY12’s originality is to mix colours, share and create new prints. Depending on your mood, you can change one side of your T-shirt, sweater or skirt to create a new style.
To celebrate a birthday or any happening, you can also customise a side of your garment with your firm’s colours, print a symbol, a logo, a picture… A unique concept!
A large range made in France
The firm, located in Normandy, targets both French and worldwide customers.
BY12 offers short and long-sleeved T-shirts, hooded sweaters and skirts of high quality. With these clothes so easy to divide, you can quickly change style. Choose the colours and create a unique garment.
An uncommon means of communication
The BY12’s clothes are highly valued products for sports clubs, federations, sports shops or works councils. They can be personalized by two brands’ colours : why not offering them to your employees or clients!
It’s easy to optimise this means of communication: anyone can cheaply take advantage of it! Indeed, sharing an advertising space is clever and ecologic. More ads can be seen at the same time during a happening, and everyone comes out ahead.


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