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    Inkao Shoes

    Inkao Shoes is a young brand that was created and inspired by the poor suburbs of Cusco, where we work hand in hand with the non profit organization Mano a Mano, which was created in 1994. Our shoes are made with textiles typical of Peru, which includes Incan patterns and traditional colors. Our series are limited according to the supplies of textile for shoes in the unique styles.With a small production capacity, since September 2016 we work to prepare you every day new models. Selected fabrics with our craftsmen throughout the year to offer original designs. INKAO SHOES favors the use of recyclable materials and natural pigments. INKAO SHOES also favors the use of VEGAN products, not products from the animal industry. INKAO SHOES does not use labels made of leather or other animal skin. For every pair sold, we donate $2 to a non profit organization (Mano a Mano). Mano a Mano implements projects to prevent violence in a marginal urban areas of the northern part of the city with the participation of inhabitants. They look to create sustainable development opportunities throughout the community. The latter consists of the realization of several activities such as the construction and management of a library and a toy factory, the creation of a restaurant and several solidarity chambers, the training of the staff working for the association, the management of a solidarity pharmacy or various works to improve the direct environment of the inhabitants of the neighborhood. In order to implement these projects, the non profit organization is open to all participation, volunteers, and donations. In this case, the brand Inkao Shoes is part of a collective that donates every month to Mano a Mano. Our young brand INKAO SHOES is committed, with respect to its values to sustainable development, to contribute jointly with the Association to improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of La Ensenada. It is in this context that the brand INKAO SHOES and the association MANO A MANO PERU decided to collaborate and launch this participatory program. Participatory Actions MANO A MANO PERU. On each pair purchased on the site, funds are donatated to the development programs of MANO A MANO Pérou. Education • Preventive Health • Women builders • Solidarity Tourism • Craft Workshop

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