Updated on 03/06/2020


Present on exhibition Foire de Paris 2020
From 04 to July 15, 2020


2 impasse des Tamaris

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Today, in the jewelry market, you find many materials such as silver, gold, metal or fake costume jewelry. But then why choose stainless steel jewelry? The first advantage with stainless steel jewelry is the unalterable, wear-resistant, immutable quality of its alloy. Thanks to its composition, with more than 10.5% chromium, this type of steel is stainless. Indeed, it never rust. These are jewels that last over time. Robust, they also resist water. I can keep my jewelry when I shower. They resist perspiration. I can then wear my favorite bracelet when I practice my sport. Steel jewelry is available, as for other materials, steel bracelet (rigid bracelet, thinner bracelet, etc.), adjustable steel ring, steel earrings and also long or short steel necklace. Steel is available in three colors: silver, gold and pink copper. For those who like yellow gold, you can opt for gold-colored steel jewelry. You have sensitive skin. You tend to react to money, gold or costume jewelry. By discovering steel jewelry, you will no longer have this kind of problem. The absence of nickel and its particular material does not cause a reaction (except in very rare cases). After listing the many benefits of steel jewelry, there is one that allows you to treat yourself regularly. Indeed, the price of steel jewelry is very affordable. You like a ring, choose the matching necklace or bracelet.


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