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Present on exhibition Foire de Paris 2020
From 04 to July 15, 2020


64 rue d'Alesia

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Company details


Momentum Electric is an innovative company that imagines, designs and markets quality electric bikes. Its mission: to make urban transport available to everyone. Thanks to cutting edge technology, it helps cyclists enjoy quality riding, which is enhanced by ergonomic design and a powerful engine.

Biking in a more practical way

An electric bike has many advantages to offer to its users. In the like of traditional bikes, it allows you to enjoy simplified mobility around town, without traffic jams and the difficulties to park. If you use it in the countryside, it will enable you to ride faster while saving your ef-forts when cycling long distances. Indeed, this type of bike is equipped with electrical assistance that allows you to reduce your movements: as a result, it comes in particularly handy when you face steeping slopes.

On top of the benefits in terms of practicality, an electric bike is an eco-friendly means of transport that does not emit greenhouse gas-es. In comparison with an automobile or with urban transport net-works, this mobility solution only emits residual CO².

The positive impact on health

E-biking is a mobility solution that enables you to fight a sedentary lifestyle. When used on a frequent basis, it allows you to have a reg-ular physical activity that combines cardio and muscle development. Thanks to Momentum's electric bikes and their AUTORQ technolo-gy, you can adapt your efforts with the three levels of assistance as you please.

An advantageous price/quality ratio

Momentum Electric's bikes are made with fine, resisting materials that will endure many years of use. They are very attractive and their price/quality ratio is unbeatable given the high-end devices. The Momentum Electric brand allows you to choose two different purchasing options to suit your needs. You may either choose to be delivered your bike 2 to 3 days after you place your order, or in 3 months time so as to benefit a 200-euro discount on your invoice.

Momentum Electric bikes represent an actual investment. To let you use your bike in absolute, long-term serenity, we have struck a part-nership with Allianz Insurance. This way, you benefit from a 2-year theft and damage insurance on any item you purchase online.

Try your electric bike

Choosing a Momentum Electric bike means opting for quality e-bikes that are renowned for their design, comfort and practicality. Select your bike among the 3 models developed by the brand and benefit from a 50-day period to try the e-bike of your choice! You will be charmed by its easy mobility and its comfort, and if you are not con-vinced with the e-bike you tried, we refund you !

Momentum Electric garners excellent reputation from its customers and in many media. This is proof of quality and confidence that must be taken into account when buying an electric bike


Products (3)

  • Model T

    A comfortable and practical electric bike ! Reminiscent of understated, unobtrusive Dutch bikes, our comfortable MODEL T e-bike will seduce you with its comfort and practicality. Adapted for all genders, MODEL T is easy to stride over, which makes it suitable for all, whatever their morphology. MODEL T only weighs 20 kg (44 lb) ! Its advantage? It is one of the lightest electric bikes in its category. Its 28-inch-wide wheels will make all your rides pleasurable. In order for you to comfortably make the most of MODEL T, the stem's height and angle are adjustable, and so is the saddle's height. As for the latter, it is renowned for its comfort and will guarantee you optimal well-being when riding for hours. Why choose MODEL T ? If MODEL T rides so fine, it is because it is endowed with the AUTORQ electric system developed by MOMENTUM ELECTRIC. With its very performing force sensor and its BAFANG front engine, MODEL T will modulate electric assistance in accordance with the pressure you exert on the pedals. You will have the impression of pedaling easily while controlling the e-bike's speed without jolts. MODEL T is equipped with a SAMSUNG battery that can last up to 85 km (53 miles). You will be supplied with this battery as well as with two AXA keys so you can very easily remove and put it back in its receptacle. Thanks to SHIMANO's high quality braking system, you can absolutely ride confidently and safely. Going grocery shopping? No worries, MODEL T is equipped with a pannier rack, so you can add a basket filled with 25 kg (55 lb) of contents! MODEL T will turn each of your journeys in a real pleasurable moment. It is ideal for every daily or one-time use, for a leisure ride or to go to work. We can assure you it will soon become your favourite means of transport !

  • Upstart

    Momentum Electric

    A streamlined sports electric bike ! UPSTART is an effective and fast electric bike, with an elegant sports style. Weighing only 18 kg (40 lb), UPSTART is one of the lightest bikes in its category, making it accessible to all. Its two automatic SRAM gears and its electric system will bring you up to 25 km (16 miles) per hour, for an autonomy of 50 to 80 km (31 to 50 miles). Enough for you to ride for hours without any concern! The UPSTART sports e-bike comprises a one-of-a-kind, water-proof Samsung battery. It comes with two AXA keys that enable to remove and put back the battery in no time at all. UPSTART is equipped with the AUTORQ electric system, designed exclusively by and for Momentum Electric. The AUTORQ system comprises a force sensor that allows for electric assistance in proportion with the force exerted on the pedals. The entire AUTORQ electric system, coupled with the BAFANG front engine, offers unfailing flow while pedaling. You will be thrusted by your UPSTART e-bike while keeping control over speed. To ensure you optimal safety, the UPSTART e-bike is equipped with the SHIMANO braking system, one of the best-performing on the market! You will have no bad surprises, even in case of unpropitious weather conditions or on difficult roads and terrains. The UPSTART e-bike model will be convenient for all the dynamic cyclists UPSTART is equipped with a SAMSUNG battery, mudguards and a pannier rack. With its extremely simple use, all you have to do is thrust on the pedals ! We hope you will enjoy cycling with it as much as our teams enjoyed designing it !

  • 2wenty

    Momentum Electric

    A foldable and handy electric bike ! Discover 2wenty, the foldable bike by Momentum Electric. This model is the ideal transport solution if you live in town. Besides, this electric bike perfectly fits in confined environments, which will make it very easy to put aside, even if you live a tiny flat. A compact electric bike Most owners of foldable bikes almost never fold them. This is why we have created 2WENTY, a compact bike that takes little room. Easy to fold in and out, it allows you to enjoy optimal comfort on a daily basis. Why call it 2WENTY ? Because this figure corresponds to its 20-inch wheels. Thanks to this urban e-bike model, you can fold in the pedals, lower the saddle at its minimum and bend the handlebars in parallel with the frame. Since it does not take more room than another foldable bike would, the 2WENTY e-bike can be laid against a wall or slid under a bed and sneak in all corners ! The urban electric bike 2wenty is the urban e-bike that adventure seekers and urban dwellers favour. It will easily find its place in a boat, a camper van or a small flat. Perfect to make the most of your bike. Like all our bikes, 2WENTY is equipped with the AUTORQ electric system, designed by Momentum Electric and comprising a force sensor and a BAFANG front engine. The whole system helps adjust the electric assistance with the force exerted by pedaling. Riding your 2WENTY will therefore be fluid, simple and above all very pleasurable ! 2WENTY is equipped with a water-proof SAMSUNG battery and its two AXA keys, as well as a reliable, effective SHIMANO braking system. With its small size and its autonomy up to 65 km (40 miles), 2WENTY guarantees you agile riding for hours!

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