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Ah! Jalouses

Ah! Jalouses - ARTS & CRAFTS

48 rue de Dunkerque
75009 Paris



Because the table is the first invitation, the first promise to taste pleasures, Ah!Jalouses wanted a gourmet dish, playful and poetic.
It is in my Parisian studio that I imagine and realize sets on porcelain or glass pieces. Ah!Jalouses, it's a quirky spirit of service; in the same collection, each piece will be unique by a detail of the pattern or a change of color. The guiding line of my decorations is the sketch: the motif, the material and the shape of each piece must interact.
Ah!Jalouses has been labeled [Made in Paris] in 2017 and 2018.
My pieces are painted entirely by hand with lead-free pigments. They are fired at least twice between 780 ° and 840 °. They are compatible dishwasher and micro-waves.
Come and discover my stand, mugs, tea pots, coffee and tea cups, aperitif services, champagne flutes, service dishes, children's plates ... so many pieces will "twist" every moment of greedy sharing.


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