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5 rue des Lilas
98000 MONACO



NOHOOH MONACO is a Monegasque brand of cosmetics designed and adapted to all skin types.
It is composed of 3 ranges of products. The first range is classified in lighteners without hydroquinone and is composed of 8 products for all daily needs. The second range has been designed to fight against acne in all its forms, finally the third range is a range of complementary products in which we find a gel for intimate hygiene, a care with argan oil, a micellar water, an exfoliating soap, or a sunscreen of very high protection UVA / UVB.

BLACKOPAL is one of the world's leading brands of foundation and number 1 in the United States. Created in 1994 and manufactured in the United States since the beginning, it specialized at the beginning for dark skin. With its success, it has extended its ranges for all skin types and colors. BLACKOPAL adapts to the multicultural current that is constantly evolving.
Consumers confirm that BLACKOPAL is a high-end brand that meets their needs because its ranges adapt to dry and oily skin and create a natural and flawless complexion without residue.
The foundation range remains the hallmark of BLACKOPAL and its best sales.

Absent for 3 years in France, NOHOOH MONACO has taken over the exclusivity of the brand for distribution in France since January 1, 2017.


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