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Brasserie Petite Couronne

Brasserie Petite Couronne - WINES & GASTRONOMY

273 rue Gabriel Peri
92700 Colombes

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We are two brothers from the world of consulting and finance. Entrepreneurs at heart, we wanted to create a family business in a field that brings us together. We created the company in June 2017, our local in Colombes since October 1, 2017, received our brewery on December 2, 2017 and started producing locally in January 2018. The brewery Petite Couronne offers beers made in short circuits, all malts are in the Paris region and 100% recycled by the department of Hauts-de-Seine, at Lagravère Park. We also received the label "Artisan Tourism of Hauts-de-Seine" by the CMA92. We offer 4 permanent recipes, 4 lagers, low fermentation beers, rather light in the mouth and that have taste and ephemeral beers all year round!
With more than a hundred customers in Paris and the Hauts-de-Seine in the CHR network (Café Hotel Restaurant Caviste), we have to our credit beautiful references such as Rostang House, Escargot 1903 or the hotel Méridien Etoile ...
Our permanent beers:
          The lager Origins: 4,5 ° alcohol, it is our light blonde with little bitterness and little length in the mouth, a beer of thirst to face the heat!
          The Grande Arche: 5.2 ° alcohol is our high-end beer of character. On the palate, it is fruity with a touch of bitterness remaining on the tongue. This is our signature beer!
          The Vienna Lager: 5.5 ° of alcohol is our ambrée Viennese style. In the mouth, it has aromas of roasting turning on coffee / chocolate and a subtle bitterness.
          Indian, the IPL with mango: 5.9 ° alcohol, it's a very fruity and quite bitter beer with natural mango flavors for an exotic side.
          The A86: 7.7 ° alcohol, it is a brown beer of the Imperial Stout type. Black in color, it has coffee roasting aromas. It is the fruit of a collaborative brew with the brewer of Romainville, Bière MIR.
          Winter beer: This is the basic recipe of the Vienna with spices, cinnamon and vanilla to warm the heart during the winter cold.For the price of beers on the fair, we offer decreasing prices depending on the quantities. Prices range from EUR 3 to EUR 4 for 1 beer purchased ...
Note that we mainly make low fermentation beers, called "lagers", which is rare in the brewing field.
Come discover our know-how around a tasting. Blonde, red, brown, black, our lagers inovantes will not leave you indifferent!

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