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Bulle d'un soir

Bulle d'un soir - BEAUTY & WELLBEING

17 clos des vignes



With certified installers "Bulle d'un soir" offers you a 24 or 48 hours or more Spa session at home.
Set up in 1 hour, the bubbling jets tub will delight your beloved one, your family or your friends.
Enjoying a relaxing Spa session at home is now affordable! Thanks to the expertise of our installers network, you will experiment the benefit of a relaxing and unique moment in your living room, your bedroom or your garden. 

You don’t need to do anything “Bulle d'un soir takes” care of everything!

Thanks to our proven set up process, both technical and sanitary high level requirements are fulfilled. After the session,1 hour is needed to collect back the equipment.
This is a full and secure service delivery our installers offer you.


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