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Global Commerce


25 rue du Général Eisenhower


Global Commerce is an import & export company in wholesale and semi-wholesale of various products domiciled at 25 Rue de Général Eisenhower 92140 Clamart.
Global Commerce markets high quality, beautiful and functional glazed stoneware tableware products, simple shapes and useful products. Products with clean lines and perfect proportions, attractive and useful, just beauty of simple, organic forms inspired by Nature that call to touch and let become the intervention of Man. A collection of plates, bowls, bowls, salad bowls, dishes and vases.
In addition to the Art of table in olive wood, rare and noble wood of forms still as organic and an application in finishes for a series of products whose smell, appearance and touch transport.
The majority of the products of the company Global Commerce are of Tunisian origin, since Tunisia has the good quality of its clay beds, the skill of the craftsmen, the mastery of the production of stoneware and especially the quality of the work done. hand.