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KFarah, etablished in 2017, is a Parisian creator of exclusive handmade women’s and men’s fashion accessories, as well as for our canine and feline companions.

The basic idea is to create a product that, in and of itself, is of a unique style. A style made unique by not onlythe raw products used, but by the very process of creation. Handmade, singularly simple, and created as an equal and opposite reaction to the action of the  industrial processes that churn out soulless objects.

Back to the artistic roots of a craft in which the human is central. Going against the grain of and in a machine agein an effort to preserve and perpetuate human knowledge and know-how.

Quality control is done in Paris before any piece is put on sale. Ascertaining the perfection down to the minutest details is what determines the final overall quality of the products and uniqueness of the brand.  

Sales will be done mainly online, as well as through a small number of multibrand brick-and-mortar outlets in France, as well as during future event pop-ups in the Paris area.

You’ll be informed in due time when the first b&m shop has opened.

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