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La Révolution du Fait Main

La Révolution du Fait Main - LIGHTING

Stands :

3 G 099


9 rue Saint Paul
75004 Paris

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La révolution du fait main , created in 2015 by two designers Solenn Caceres and Sandra Coelho, aims to organize markets & shows in Paris and Paris and to hold the craftsmen-creators shop at 9 rue de Saint Paul 75004 Paris, to present & promote the know-how, the magnificent craft creations of quality 100% handmade & made in France and different universes.
 Our goal is to allow artisans-creators to exhibit and sell their crafts, to discover their handmade creations to the public and promote French know-how. We organize events, exhibitions that are reserved for artisans, creators and artists who wish to propose works, creations or products guaranteeing the qualities necessary for the sale. We opened the craftsmen-creator shop to link with our events and for customers to easily find the creations. We make a turnover every 15 days and you can discover new artisans-creators in the shop! We will make you discover and share our favorites!

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