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Momentum Electric


64 rue d'Alesia
75014 PARIS



Products sold online and in concession, through a direct distribution strategy with the customer. The main activity of Momentum Electric is to distribute in a different way, online, neat and qualitative products. The brand no longer passes through distributors, making B2C sales easier and cheaper for the end customer. Momentum Electric is also two concepts - The concession: the concept is to offer a "bike school" to learn to ride a bicycle in Paris for those for whom cycling rhymes with fear. The dealership will also offer a repair shop, a kind of "garage" where to make the revision of its electric bike is possible, and of course a point of sale of electric bikes of the bike but also accessories related to the bike.

- The e-commerce site: the concept is to offer online sales so that all Europe has access to our bikes under the same conditions as those who go to the dealership thanks to the home-based test system (50 days satisfied or refunded) and a charge from A to Z delivery and return free. The site is also a platform for advice on e-bikes via a blog as well as proposals for events around the bike

The specifics of Momentum Electric are its partnership with the insurance company Allianz which includes a 2 year insurance with every purchase of a brand electric bike. But also, to reassure customers withdrawing the purchase of an electric bike on the internet without trying it, Momentum Electric offers a 50-day "satisfied or refunded" system.

Three different electric bicycles but all with the same goal: a unique price and quality components. Momentum Electric now manufactures three models of electric bicycles. These are affordable models but offer the best quality / price ratio of the market. The goal being that they are accessible to all, from the student to the senior.

The three models all have the same position on the price: € 1,295. Also, all three have the same components: Samsung battery, AUTORQ system for pedaling comfort, Shimano brakes and Spanninga lighting.
  However, they do not have the same positioning on the target and have different characteristics: - UPSTART: rather sporty model, weighs 18kg. - MODEL T: comfort model for men and women, weighs 20kg. - 2TWENTY: semi foldable model, weighs 16k  

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