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My Hair Evolution

My Hair Evolution - BEAUTY & WELLBEING

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HairEvolution is an innovative product in the hair beauty, skin and nails sector. To be able to provide healthy, sustainable and affordable solutions to preserve and enhance your natural beauty, HairEvolution has developed a unique formula.
Its formulation is composed of key elements allowing the growth of any type of hair for both Men and Women. HairEvolution takes care of skin and nails as well.
A second formulation was studied for the needs of the youngest, Hairevolution 4KIDS, meeting the expectations of demanding moms and the needs of slow growth and/or alopecia of some children and also meet the daily vitamin requirements of our children.
This complete multivitamin formulation helps strengthen their immune system, good bone growth while strengthening their teeth and sight.
Founded in 2014, BEYOND distributes HairEvolution Adult and Child products. 100% natural formulations were designed in 2011 with a focus on growing, protecting and strengthening hair from the inside out.
Formulated with the best nutrients, our vitamins are essential to maintain a successful beauty routine and become your beauty companion.
HairEvolution continually works to improve its formulas to enrich its existing product lines to better meet the needs of its consumers in search of quality products.
HairEvolution is a dietary supplement formulated from nutrients essential for healthy hair. This powerful and effective formula contains amino acids, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, Biotin, Zinc and MSM.
Collagen for skin elasticity, Keratin for strength of hair and Indian powder extracts for hair regrowth (Bamboo, Gotu Kola and Fo - Ti) The recommended dose is 2 tablets per day during a meal. Each box contains 60 tablets for 1 month of cure.
After conducting several training courses in the hair field in the USA, our team has identified the common problems repeated during sessions: breakage, fall, loss, refinement, lack of length, alopecia or slow growth are the problems that our clients had.
We collected specific information on the nutrients needed to promotes growth and facilitates hair maintenance, and created a website to share this with those looking for a healthier hair and hair routine as well.
Find out very quickly that it is difficult to find products that are both effective and affordable.
In 2012, our team returned to Cosmetology/Trichology training and distributed American quality hair products. Our product lines promote hair growth.
We also offer hair diagnostics to help our customers know exactly how their hair is doing to improve their condition.



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