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PBB (PariBordoBiaritz)


Stands :

3 F 094



PBB - PariBordoBiaritz, decorative objects and useful for the house

Paribordobiaritz is a small brand that realizes, like a big one, a whole range of products evoking the cultural and culinary history of the three cities which constitutes its first identity: Paris, Bordeaux, Biarritz. Then, exploring more distant destinations like Moscow, Pondicherry or Tokyo. And the journey continues ...

Paribordobiaritz is a creative duo: Romain & Muriel. They imagine and realize together everyday objects and dress them with a joyful and colorful graphics. Romain is at the helm of prototyping. Muriel takes care of the graphics. Together, they design their collections in their workshop and make them.

Paribordobiaritz is combining modernity and craftsmanship while controlling the impact on the environment: limited series production, proximity to suppliers of raw materials, choice of recyclable materials.

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