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Ceramique Tato Sheriff Studio

Ceramique Tato Sheriff Studio - ARTS & CRAFTS

Casa Grande de Fingoy - Casal do Rio

2500-764 Santa Catarina
Caldas da Rainha



Dinnersets for your pleasure!!!

I am a designer and a ceramist. I develop forms, finishings and decorations. I colaborate with other ceramists, poters and designers, because that gives me an extra technical and esthetical richness on my work.
My work is made in earthware, the most traditional clay in Portugal.
And painting its my great world!
I ussually work alive in fairs because its a way to motivater people and also to teach something more about this infinive world that ceramics are, that milenar art that had be with Humankind for more than 26.000 years!
I developed a different product, something to make our lifes more happy, something to give more light at meals time.
Somethimg with meaning, simple and dfull of sun, something with portuguese spirit.
Something also soft, personalized and flexible.
A dinner table its not only plates, forks and spoons, its much more than that!
Its a place and a moment to meet, to enjoy, to taste, to be greatfull!
And there are many ways to make it more interesting, more pleasant with just a bit of imagination.
In my Studio, I develop usefull projects, to use and enjoy! Dinnersets for inside, for the garden, for the kitchen, for the job, all related with gastronomy, but with a very special touch: every piece its unique! There are not two equal pieces!
Every piece its hand painted, using glazes and undercolours.
They have great quality esthetic and tecnique, using decorative innovative tecniques of great plastic expression.
Inspired by the fashion trends dictated by textil, music and spiritual tendences and developing parallelment portuguese tradicional tiles lines, from the XVII and XVIII centurys.
By order!!!
My actual Lines:

GiveMeMagic, GiveMeMusic, GiveMePower…..
This is my world and this is my work. All to make you more happy!!!!


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