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Wendend - ARTS & CRAFTS

66 avenue des champs elysées
75008 PARIS



Crossing borders.

Wendend traveled from Colombian lands to settle in France and share a bit of Latin American culture and know-how across Europe. Using as a support for this bi-continental relationship, the talent of local creators and our craftsmen.

We have selected for you brands that create identity products and that enhance our creative potential while preserving and promoting the great talent that exists in our Aboriginal communities; prodigious hands which weave life and which show, to those who have not lived in past times, the great value of the preservation of traditions transmitted from generation to generation.

Some of the main characteristics of the brands and / or designers that make up Wendend are the creation of small collections, products in limited series, or even designed as unique pieces, thanks to their manual work (for example "las mochilas" woven by indigenous communities).

We are passionate about things that make sense, those that convey emotions, those that tell stories, those that are based on a concept and take place in a beautiful creation, those to which the soul is given.

We are dreamers and we are proud of our knowledge and especially of this great human wealth which makes us so unique and so charming abroad.

We intend to show the best face of our South American countries through what we know best, by promoting good production and trade practices, respecting idiosyncrasies, taking care of our natural resources, valuing human talent and avoiding work in childhood.

We are convinced that everything done with love and conviction transcends borders and has a positive impact.


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