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Bairille Honey Distillate - 3 ans


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Vodka Lab is the first concept of vodka specialized stores in France. We produce and import craft vodkas, our shops have more than 250 different exclusive vodkas: original vodkas, infused vodkas (with fruits, flowers, herbs, hazelnuts or spices) and aged in a oak tree barrel vodkas. They can surprise any spirits lover.

Discover also our own "homemade" production Les Petites Eaux du Vodka Lab, a collection of 100% natural vodkas which is composed of 9 different infused vodkas: Fresh lemon & Honey, Raspberry, Walnut, Burnt Sugar, Elderflower, Quince, Cherry, Mint and Dogwood Berry.

The Vodka Lab is also a place of great discoveries and surprising stories and we'll always make you taste to show you the diversity of this unknown spirit in France. Our mission is simple: we'd like everyone to appreciate a good vodka!

You can find all our products on www.vodka-lab.com or directly in our stores :

Vodka Lab Paris : 57, Rue Saint-Maur, 75011, Paris
Vodka Lab Rennes : 3 Rue Poullain Duparc, 35000, Rennes