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Care Pack Eczèma

Natural Cosmetics

Care Pack Eczèma - The special eczema cream is combined with sulfur soap and cade oil


The special eczema cream is combined with sulfur soap and cade oil

Brand : Natural Cosmetics

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Natural Cosmetics - BEAUTY & WELLBEING

Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics is a company specializing in skin hygiene products.

We have developed a range of skin products made from carefully selected natural products (oils and plants).

Natural Cosmetics has been marketing its products for several years, directly to the general public during major exhibitions, in

France: Paris Grenoble International Fair, Agricultural Show, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nancy, Toulouse, Mulhouse, Strasbourg, Marseille)

and abroad :

Fairs Belgium (Brussels, Namur), Germany (Bern), Switzerland (Lausanne) Natural Cosmetics collects many spontaneous testimonials from filmed customers, users satisfied with the products for their effectiveness.

Our customers are our best salespeople: loyal, they gladly recommend Natural Cosmetics products to those around them.

Our main goal is to improve the life and well-being of people, this is why we have developed this range of hygiene and well-being products to make it suitable for all skin types, worldwide.


Natural Cosmetics

Production and sale of natural cosmetic products Made In France

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