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Crop Top Pema


Crop Top Pema - Laces, silk sleeves, Dashiki's wax fabric


Laces, silk sleeves, Dashiki's wax fabric

Brand : AzaCh

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AzaCh is a "creator" retail brand.
The concept is original, not only you can chose the model that attracts you the most,it is also possible to select the materials that will be used to design your apparel. Unless you get a crush on existing outfit in the collection already sewed, it is therefore possible to customise your order from A to Z depending on your wish.
The choice is wide, Men or Women collection, short lenght, mid-waist or long Teddys, several lenghts Kimonos, Crop-tops, t-shirts, polos, waist bags and even underwear! They are all infinitly customisables thanks to a wide panel of fabrics and materials :  African Wax, African and English embroideries, Japanese Cottons, Denims, Woolens, Suedes...Finally, all the large items are reversibles, so why not ordering two completly different faces for exemple!
Entirely hand made ans traditional, all products are designed, assembled and manufactured in France by one person only.
Azach dresses you up depending on your mood, tastes, with a touch of audacity, a lot of creativity and passion for your desires!