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Evys II clock Solid oak

Comtoises Modernes Converset

Evys II clock Solid oak - The elegance of a modern comtoise with respect for tradition


The elegance of a modern comtoise with respect for tradition

Brand : Horloges Comtoises modernes Converset



Comtoises Modernes Converset - DECORATIVE OBJECTS

Comtoises Modernes Converset

Since 1958, we have been creating and renovating Comtois's clocks. Three generations of transmission of traditional Franche-Comté know-how, but also of research and innovation. We were able to preserve the authentic clock of Franche-Comté but also reinvent it to enter the third millennium. We can also restore your old mechanisms and integrate them into a new box, modern or traditional, created to your liking. Come to discover our models of traditional comtoises (Montbéliarde, Peasant, Luzine) or modern (Evys, Evo-lys, Equinoxe). And new in 2019 : the modern mini-clock "P'tiote" inspired by our model Evys high of 47 cm which already meets a great success.


Horloges Comtoises modernes Converset

Comtoises because fully realized in the cradle of French watchmaking,  Franche Comté. Our modern clocks are the fruit and evolution of an experience of three generations of artisans.

Resolutely modern, traditionally innovative, our modern comtoise keep a mechanical heart of their region of origin.

They have been designed to integrate with all types of interior design and bring up to date the good old traditional Comtoise Clock.

Thanks to a skilful mixture of craftsmanship, quality finishes, noble materials and modern technologies, discover the world of these new original creations of the Converset's, creative watchmaker since 1958.

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