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Sticker mural tour Eiffel, trousse et tote bag pailletés personnalisables


Sticker mural tour Eiffel, trousse et tote bag pailletés personnalisables - Eiffel tower wall sticker, customizable glitter bag and tote bag


Eiffel tower wall sticker, customizable glitter bag and tote bag






Lili Pouce was created in 2007 by Sophie WEISS, mother of 3 children. The brand creates its collections and essentially sells its articles on the net. The range of customizable items is sold exclusively on its website www.lilipouce.com. The stickers, paintings, cushions, bed linen and lighting are made in France.

The manufacture and the confection are made to the command in its workshops to offer a wide choice of references. Today, the website counts more than 4000 references with a complete range to accessorize the decoration of the children room: Side wall decoration: paintings (from € 25), stickers (from € 21) and wallpaper Side lighting decoration (from 47 €): wall sconces, table lamps, suspensions and garlands, Textile decoration: cushions (from 28 €), bed linen, curtains Side personalized gifts: bags (from 12 €), kits (from 14 €), pouches (from 14 €), purse (from 10 €), key ring (from 8 €) , t-shirts (starting from 19 €), sweatshirts (starting from 25 €).

The foire de  Paris  is an opportunity for the brand to meet its customers and to discover the widest range of its offer.

Today, decorators are not just designers or interior designers. In the digital age, everyone brings his opinion, shares his choices, and showcases his latest findings in terms of purchases both in the field of fashion and decoration. The trend is in search of the real good idea the one that we found or that we created and that we want to share. They want to write a story and even more when it comes to decorating their child's room they want unique.

It is in this spirit of unique and original creation that Lili Pouce wanted to propose to the parents to become actors of the decoration of the room of their child. With a wide choice of decorative accessories ranging from wall decoration (paintings and stickers), to bright decoration (wall sconces, table lamps, suspensions and garlands) or textile decoration (bed linen and cushions), the brand offers the opportunity to create an atmosphere that looks like them.

On the stand Lili Pouce, visitors will have the opportunity to dress the room of their children of personal items and make personal purchases hearts personalized to the name of the child and so put it in the heart of their atmosphere.

Lili Pouce is also an appointment not to be missed for families with a sequined customization workshop where you will have the opportunity to personalize or customize glittery gifts. This is the opportunity to prepare your next gifts for a birth, a baptism, a birthday, Mother's Day or fathers, or a gift mistress or best friends ...

In the Gift Shop: kits, bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jewelry, cheap gifts. Come and discover the latest Melle Paris collection and glittery gift boxes to compose with gifts from the glittery range (from 20 €).



Creation of personalized glittered gifts for children and adults: bags, purses, kits, sweatshirts, tee shits ... We invite you to discover our workshop on the stand Lili Thumb: the creator is you with the customization of your gifts.

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