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the circular look


the circular look - sac en cuir patchwork


sac en cuir patchwork

Brand : ebarrito


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Like every season, the company renews itself to offer to the public accessories that are always
original, unique and in step with trends.
The inspiration for this collection is circularity.
Circularity of fashions, customs and traditions, the return and renewal of styles, the reuse, the
miscellany and the mixture of cultures, styles and eras, which has led the modern woman to a
continuous and constant confrontation with a ‘vast aesthetic’.
The choice of the term A CIRCULAR LOOK is also a tribute to the circular vision of the economy,
to EBARRITO’s production, which, also thanks to the stipulation of agreements for the recovery of
production waste with two big names in the international fashion scene, ensures the reuse of leather
and cuttings of the highest quality.
Emancipated from the borderline concept, Ebarrito’s A CIRCULAR LOOK collection can be presented
in a circular way both in the substance of its 100% upcycling components, and in the search for an
aesthetic that can maintain a balance between day and night.
On the one hand: the raw material, the cornerstone of the maison, both aesthetic and substantial
container of the EBARRITO product.
Recycled leather that the company is able to recover more and more from those virtuous projects
of circular economy.
On the other hand: the design that involves without excluding, that designs bags and shoes that lend
themselves to a circularity of situations and occasions, that does not enclose the EBARRITO product
in a segmented logic of use, but that leaves open a door to a multiplicity of uses.
A CIRCULAR LOOK is an intelligent, simple, easy to wear accessory, which affirms in a light and naive
way attention to the planet, to ecology, to waste without losing that touch of femininity and