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Detailed description

Both heir to the tradition of master billiards and great furniture designers, the RENE PIERRE House occupies a special place in the world of billiards. Since 1952 in its small workshop in the Jura and now in its ultra-modern 7000 m² factory, Maison Rene Pierre has been reinventing table football and billiards every day The ALLURE billiard table is the newborn of Maison Rene Pierre. Combining iron and wood, this billiard table will seduce you with its original shape. Maison Rene Pierre works with the greatest professionals who choose the best materials for it to ensure optimum quality. With 16 finishes available, this magnificent billiard table will transform into a dining table and fit perfectly into your interior. What a pleasure after an excellent meal, once the 3 parts table top removed, to play pool with friends. Available in 6 ’and 7’ version,




    In 1952, Mr. René Pierre founded his company in Ranchot, a town located in the French Jura region. He started manufacturing football tables in a garage. At the time, they were sent to the north of France to be sold. In 1953, he bought a piece of land, to have a small 180-square-metre factory built. In order to meet rising demand, René Pierre has never stopped enlarging his factory and increasing its output. The ranges of football tables, pool tables were first sold to professionals who used them in pubs or game arcades. Soon, the factory in Ranchot became too small to meet increasing demand and a growing number of new customers. Then, Mr. Pierre decided to build new offices expanding on 8,000 square meters. He moved to Chalon-sur-Saone, a town located in Burgundy, half way between Dijon and Macon, and on the major roads and activity areas.
    Since then, the company has been successfully growing in France and all over the world. Soon the decision was made to also cater for private customers. In 1977, the firm opened its first store in Paris. This was a success and other stores in Lyon, Chalon-sur-Saone and Bordeaux followed.
    Rene Pierre has modern eye of the market, to have adapted products to private homes. The company follows very closely the furniture’s trends to have new lines: billiards that can be turned into dining tables, billiards with new textures (leather, lacquered), bi-material billiards. Rene Pierre is innovative, both with lines and colors. As a constant search for news, the company still has plenty of things to invent in the world of billiards and football tables! Now, Rene Pierre employs 50 employees and manufacture 6000 football tables and 2000 billiards a year. More than 68 years after, values kept alive to manufacture in France. Rene Pierre, the only French manufacturer of football tables and billiards who will attend the Paris show.

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