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  • Anti Mycosis Foot Care Pack

Updated on 02/26/2020


    Anti Mycosis Foot Care Pack

    Natural Cosmetics

    Exhibition price: €30.00

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    Detailed description

    Natural cream mycosis care based on plants and essential natural oils. SYMPTOM: The nail changes color takes on a yellowish and whitish appearance, deteriorates and thickens. The nail becomes brittle.

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      INSTRUCTIONS AND ADVICE: -First cut the nails flush with the skin so that the cream is well embedded in the skin. For the treatment to take effect, you must also use a foot bath based on powdered alum stone and eucalyptus, which you can see in the powder category of our website. -Secondly: make a foot bath with the powder 1 time a week and for the remaining 6 days apply the cream. Use of the powder: Prepare a small basin of very hot water at the limit of the bearable, put 2 tablespoon in the basin and immerse the feet, leave to act until the water cools - Take out the feet and above all do not dry them let them dry on their own so that the alum stone and the eucalyptus become embedded in the skin and eliminate all the fungi that eat away at the feet. (Let's recapitulate a foot bath with the powder 1 time per week and for the 6 remaining days apply the cream like that during 2 weeks and if there is a part of the nail which resists you can renew one more week.) Product certified by the IDEA Laboratory in Bordeaux France



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