Updated on 02/07/2020


    Kab'inn Joy


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    Exhibition price: €45,500.00

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    Detailed description

    One of our tiny-house models, the Kab'inn Joy, will be presented in Paris Fair in premiere! It is a modern and minimalist house, opened on the outside, ideal for weekends, holidays, to share moments together with your family and friends!

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      7,80m L x 2,50m l x 2,50 h sleeps 2 + 1 Spruce Double axe steel trailer Spcial Foire de Paris tariff : 45,500 EUR incl. VAT





        Kab'inn is a tiny home, to live big!

        In short kab’inn it's a house, a tiny house. In reality, it's much more.
        It's a home, a place where you can feel good, relaxed, hidden from all sollicitations, obligations, temptations. A cocoon in which you can concentrate on what matters: you first of all, your family and friends, the nature around you.

        Come discover and visit a new way of living, modern, minimalist, mobile and eco-friendly!

        kab’inn is an escape to disconnect to reconnect to essentials, a minimalist way of living, or at least a simple way of enjoying, and eventually an inspirational way of creating.

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