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  • Néo Smart ltra-low telescopic pool enclosure

Updated on 03/25/2020


    Néo Smart ltra-low telescopic pool enclosure



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    Detailed description

    The Neo Smart telescopic enclosure has the advantages of a flat enclosure, with its discretion and lightness, and also the advantages of a telescopic enclosure with its ease of handling. The lowest telescopic enclosure on the market - they consist of nested panels that fit under each other when the pool enclosure is opened in order to limit clutter. Complying with the NF P 90-309 safety standard, the pool enclosure also allows the pool water to be heated for longer enjoyment and also preserves water quality. It folds at the end of the pool to free up space but can also cover a single part of the pool according to your needs. For even more comfort, this cover can be motorized to open and close the access to your pool with a simple press on a remote control.



      Azenco Groupe


      Specialist in custom-made pool enclosures and precursor in the creation of removable pool deck, Azenco French manufacturer is recognized for the quality, aesthetics and innovative character of its products made in its factory based near Toulouse. Faced with the success of its low, mid-high and high shelters for many years, Azenco has chosen to offer owners a complete range of pool covers, bioclimatic pergolas and pool enclosures.
      All our pool covers and shutters comply with the French standard NF P90-308 and NF P90-309 in order to guarantee you constant peace of mind.
      Azenco pays particular attention to the quality, aesthetics and innovative character of its products. The company has developed a complete range of outdoor shelters.
      Azenco, your home partner, wants to bring your projects to life. Quality, design, ease of use and innovation are the key words of its products, created for your happiness.

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