Updated on 05/02/2022

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Detailed description

Cintral presents its range of high pool shelters. This high-end model will seduce you with its refined lines and patented technologies used to enhance your swimming throughout the year.

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    Life at the water’s edge thanks to your high pool shelter The high shelter measures up to three meters high. Thus, you can throughout the year, enjoy many advantages to know: The ability to walk around the pool, Year-round use thanks to hot and healthy water The possibility to install inside spaces such as a table, a spa, a shower, a cabin, The space to pose and enjoy a sunbath, Child security is enhanced, the locked shelter prevents access. Did you know that? The installation of a high pool shelter requires the use of a building permit, unlike low and semi-high pool shelters. For a less imposing and cheaper shelter, Cintral recommends its Mediterranean and Azur models.

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        CINTRAL Abris pour piscine, terrasse et spa

        Cintral is your preferred contact for your project of pool shelter, spa or terrace. The Cintral brand was born in 2001, under the leadership of Sam and Isabelle Tighzert. Together, they founded an international family company around the Aix-en-Provence factory. From design to manufacturing, to delivery and installation of shelters, Cintral carries out your projects from A to Z, without having to call on a subcontractor to preserve the quality of its products and offer you competitive rates.

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        Cintral, a pool shelter specialist, is a French trademark registered by the TIGHZERT family. SARL CSP created by Sam TIGHZERT and Isabelle TIGHZERT in 2001, is a family business. After having been importer of several European brands, the TIGHZERT family launched its own brand in 2004 , CINTRAL became this year completely autonomous and manufacturer! We are not looking to be a market leader, but the market makes us a market leader thanks to the quality of manufacturing and the services we offer. We work in a artisanal way, we do not seek to manufacture 3,000 shelters per year, but we seek excellence by the quality of work of our designers, assemblers and installers! Our suppliers are essentially French because we believe in French know-how and French excellence, without denigrating fierce foreign competition!