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    Salt Heart


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    Detailed description

    Feet are put to the test every day, as evidenced by the thick layer of skin that can form on the heel. It is essential to take care of your feet, where there are many nerve connections. This heart of salt will be your ally in gently exfoliating the skin on your feet. A 100% natural beauty accessory for soft feet! Tip: after massaging your feet with the heart of salt, moisturize them with our balm with amber extracts for prolonged softness.



      Nature & Bien-être


      Nature & Bien-être is a young brand that responds to an urgent need: to consume differently. We have at heart to offer products reminiscent of nature, through decorative objects and minimalist jewelry. Nature & Bien-être is also careful to limit its impact on the environment by reducing its consumption of plastic, by applying selective sorting, by giving a second life to objects... Every little gesture counts!

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