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    Since April 2016, the Léomy Design structure has been present on the craft market.
    Léomy Design is a training structure and specializes in the manufacture of fashion accessories, knitted outfits, traditional outfits and traditional loincloths. In addition, structure Léomy design also makes tradi-modern music. Indeed, this structure is committed to promoting the national culture and helping young people to take care of themselves at a lower cost. Thus in 2018 and 2019 the Ministry of Handicrafts of Burkina Faso, CÔTE D'IVOIRE and ITALY awarded him the participation diploma for SIAO, FESPACO, MIVA, SIAB and FIERA DEL MEDITERRANEO.
    Building on these successes and growing at 30% per year, the company has 10 employees and plans to hire 05 more by next year.
    We remain available to meet with you and study the possible partnership possibilities in view of the strong synergy between our respective activities.
    Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my deep respect.

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