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    Detailed description

    Japanese rice base, homemade falafels, tzatziki sauce, raw vegetables salad, coriander





      Since May 2016, Munchies has been on the road and offers you offers tailored to demand. Both from the restaurant industry, Sho and Jérémy revisit standards whether it be street food, cocktails, or buffets. The dishes are made by chef Miyashita Sho.

      The concept of Munchies is to highlight their know-how through ricebowls with several choices of topping that vary according to the seasons. The recipes offered are very original, inspired by both Egypt and Japan, in homage to the origins of the two partners.

      The specialties that customers love: Karaage (halal - gluten-free fried chicken, Japanese rice, homemade mayonnaise and soy sauce, red onions and coriander), salmon tartare (tartar salmon, Japanese rice, coriander and raw vegetables) , vegetarian falafels (falafel: chickpeas and azuki, tomato, cucumber, tzatziki sauce & bowl of rice and raw vegetables).

      Munchies: indulge in gluttony!

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