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Updated on 04/08/2022


WiFi Sensor Data Transmitter RN172WC : Radionode

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Detailed description

The RADIONODE RN172WC is a data transmitter for UA Series sensors that uses a network connection to send measurements to the Tapaculo® 365 server or Tapaculo Lite program. ●Compatibility with a wide variety of UA sensors. ●Transmission of measurements over the Internet to Tapaculo 365 or customer servers. See Tapaculo 365 on page 18. ●Transmission of measurements over the local network to the computer where Tapaculo Lite is installed. See Tapaculo Lite on page 25. ●Telnet connection to your device. ●Read measurements with Modbus communications using PLCs or other devices. ●PoE support.




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    RADIONODE is a Korean brand specialized since 2011 in the development of sensors for the large public : Development of wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system,
    Radionode trademark registration, GS certification, KC certification,