Fireplaces - Wood burners

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Fireplaces - Wood burners

All the latest solutions for heating your house and improving your home’s energy efficiency.


More heat, a warm, cosy feeling and a more energy-efficient home, who can resist the joy of an open fire?

Whether you prefer an inset fire or flueless burner fireplace... you can enjoy the pleasure of a smokeless, odourless fire which is not only a source of heating but also a decorative feature.

  • Pavilion 2.2 & 2.3
    Cheminée Foire de Paris
    Cheminée 2
  • 8,000 m² of exhibition space

60 exhibitors and brands


  • Fireplaces
  • Wood burners
  • Flues
  • Inset fires
  • Accessories
  • Wood, Consumables