Health protocol : visit our exhibition in full peace of mind

 Updated 03/10/2022  

Participants avec masques assis de face

We are delighted to be able to welcome you back!

Naturally, this return to business cannot happen without the appropriate public health precautions to protect everyone’s health and safety. To offer you a worry-free visit to our show, we have worked with the authorities to draw up a health protocol. Take a look below !


A health protocol focusing on four priorities

We have focused our health protocol on:

  • Ensuring the safety and protecting the health of all participants,
  • Complying with the government and health authorities’ regulations,
  • Communicating to all participants public health measures and resources put in place,
  • Meeting the event industry’s standards via the gouvernment’s public health code of conduct.

Public health measures drawn up with the health authorities

This code of conduct, drafted in close cooperation with the health authorities, complies with the regulations of the event management sector.

It thus aims to guarantee compliance with barrier precautions (contactless payment, flow management, introduction of one-way circulation, etc.) but also to raise participant awareness so as to reduce their risk of exposure to Covid-19 (hand disinfection, social distancing, limitation of contact opportunities).


Regulations not to be forgotten

As you would expect, the rules already in place and rooted in our everyday lives apply at the show. All participants could therefore wear face coverings, and social distancing must be observed.

To make sure people can wash and disinfect their hands, hand sanitizer will be provided on site. Public spaces will also be cleaned more frequently and thoroughly, to make conditions safer for everyone.



These measures are likely to evolve according to the decisions of the French authorities and the progression of the health crisis.


If you come from abroad

You will find all the information you need for your arrival in the country here.

For more information on these specific subjects, click here:

Our teams look forward to meeting you! While we are taking all the necessary steps to guarantee your safety, we nevertheless recommend that you download and activate the mobile app “TousAntiCovid”.


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