A new look (1969-1987)


The Foire de Paris enters a new phase in its history. All the major problems are featured - pollution, road safety, continuing education, space exploration, energy efficiency, ...
So the Foire de Paris takes on a whole new image, becoming a thoroughly modern event, clearly organised in huge exhibitions which make it easier for visitors to find the things which interest them.


The million visitor mark is reached every year.
The Foire de Paris has obviously been around for a long time, but it maintains a young outlook and its determination to always adapt to market changes guarantees it a very bright future.

The Shadoks are at the Foire de Paris!


This year the Foire de Paris takes as its theme recreation, festivals and leisure and remains open for an extra hour each evening. 
It features 3 new exhibitions:

  • National Second-hand Automotive Vehicle Exhibition (500 to 600 vehicles)
  • Curios and Trinkets Exhibition
  • Minerals and Fossils Section

The housing pavilion hosts the Renewable Energy and energy efficiency show for the first time.


Some anniversaries this year:

  • The 10th Garden exhibition
  • The windsurfing area celebrates its second year in the Tourism and Leisure exhibition.

For the 1st time in ‘83:

  • The innovation hub: a showcase for French technology (robotics, energy, transport...)
  • The computer makes its first appearance at the Foire de Paris with the Living with Information Technology exhibition.

Foreign nations exhibition:

  • a new service for countries and visitors concerned with trade, made available by the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

For children:

  • Comic strip show: the new version of the world’s biggest comic strip is shown on a giant screen.
  • The Televideo-Son (television, video and sound) exhibition offers visitors the chance to take a trip across the galaxy aboard a spaceship.


  • New this year: the Auto exhibition, Maintenance - for maintaining your vehicle and carrying out your own repairs.
  • The tourism and holidays exhibition celebrates its 20th anniversary.
  • The home comforts show organises the “novelties forum” to promote innovation and creativity in the field of household appliances.
  • The TelevidéoSon exhibition plays host to the “Top 50” team. Organised by the radio station Europe 1 and Télé 7 jours magazine, the programme is broadcast live from the Foire and features the week’s best-selling records.
  • The swimming pool show showcases the infinity pool.