The golden age (1926-1940)

1927 to 1929

It is during this period that the Foire de Paris establishes its international role. In 1929 there are 754 foreign exhibitors. 
Two competitions pique Parisians’ curiosity: a poster competition, including draft designs from 305 competitors, and an inventions competition: the already famous Concours Lépine which brought us large numbers of inventions (the two-stroke petrol engine, gears, telescopic cinema,...


The Foire de Paris oozes class. The Porte de Versailles really looks the part with its monumental gateway decorated with red and silver enamels and its 30-metre high pylons, now listed as historic monuments.
The Foire de Paris’ popularity is such that the world’s press heaps praise on it in countries as far away as China.


The threat of war becomes a reality. The 1940 Foire de Paris ends on May 10, the same day on which the Germans launch their great offensive.
The committee suspends its activities; they will not recommence until 1945.